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abyssic hate philosophy behind the concept

Abyssic Hate was formed as a one-man project back in the year 1993… and continues to be so to this day. The concept of Abyssic Hate revolves around the incessant belief [which is proven correct time and time again by the various sub-humans who exist on this worthless planet] that: ‘99.9% of humans should be terminated’. The human race is the most absolute abomination in the history of creation, and with an exceedingly small amount of redeemable features. .. Most releases of Abyssic Hate are produced in extremely limited amounts for various reasons. Quite often the production quality of these demos is very poor, and although it is more than satisfactory to the creator’s ears, the general human pubic like to echo the voice of their idols. Simply put, Abyssic Hate is above criticism from some pathetic teenage human whose ‘claim to metal fame’ is some worthless ‘zine or some thoughtless demo. May they rot in their world of Dimmu Borgir, Impaled Nazarene and Cradle of Filth. As this is an ‘anti-human black metal’ project, is seems only natural to limit the availability of such misanthropic releases to this ugly species. .. Several recordings have been created over the past years, so it may appropriate to quickly catalogue these for those curious: .. Cleansing of an Ancient Race – Extremely rough-sounding demo which was produced in a ‘proper’ 24-track studio. This recording brings out a similar hatred to that of early black metal Darkthrone and although released in only 100 copies, the response was unfortunately amazing… but it was also embraced by the ‘underground’, which was welcome news, and it led to the deals with cult labels Darker Than Black and No Colours, both in Germany. Recorded and mixed in twelve hours, released in October 1994, sold out by the completion of the year. .. Depression – This unreleased tape catalogued some music which was written shortly after Cleansing of an Ancient Race and in a similar vein. This sound of this was very flat, and so it was never released except to good friends and long time allies of the project. All of these songs either ended up on later recordings or changed so much over the course of time they more or less became new songs. .. Life is a Pain in the Neck – Limited to only 10 copies, this is one of the most superior recordings of Abyssic Hate. The production of this 56-minute cassette is quite good [with a strong underground feeling] and the songs are truly epic. Due to the lack of vocals which many beings seem to have a problem with, the attitude ‘fuck humans’ was adopted again and the tape was never ‘officially’ released. These three tracks are to be re-recorded and released as the upcoming Suicidal Emotions LP on No Colours. .. United by Heathen Blood – When Det Hedenske Folk suggested this release, it seemed like a good idea – and indeed it was! Two bands who were united against Christianity and commercialism in metal on the one release. The demos of both bands were featured on this CD (Det Hedenske Folk’s remixed demo, Abyssic Hate’s re-mastered demo) and for the first time, it was printed in an unlimited amount to satisfy any human interest in either project. The demo of Abyssic Hate was cleaned up slightly for this CD release, although its original raw qualities are still strikingly sharp in comparison to most ‘extreme’ bands. .. Eternal Damnation – This release had been planned some years ago and there were many delays [from Abyssic Hate]. After seemingly endless problems, with pride it was released on Darker Than Black, and it contained 20 minutes of basic pure, harsh, evil noise! This mCD was limited to 500 copies and has one of the most ugly sounds ever heard. Fast, primitive and hateful, it was a return to the glory days of 1991. The release was quickly hated by almost everyone – perfect! Abyssic Hate’s purpose is to inspire such emotions, and if it produced unlimited hate, then the purpose was achieved! A cover version of a track by Absurd was included as both a tribute to their inspiring musical creations and also to hail their many years of work in the underground. .. Betrayed – This track was never officially put down onto any recording in the past for some reason. No Colours required an unreleased [if possible] track for the No Colours Compilation Vol. 2 CD, so the perfect opportunity became available to highlight this important track. Slow, depressing, profound sorrow – if one human can terminate their life to this song, then it has indeed been the most successful recording to date for Abyssic Hate. Betrayed was also produced in cassette form for Australia, due to its limited availability under the Southern Cross. This track will appear on the LP after Suicidal Emotions [working title: Medication LP – although this could be changed in the future]. .. Suicidal Emotions – It can now be announced that after many years of work, the debut full length of Abyssic Hate has been released on No Colours. Featuring three tracks of total depressive qualities, this album is a one-hour funeral of pure sorrow and endless despair. Suicidal Emotions is beyond any criticism and beyond all praise – this is more than music, but a genuine link to the gateway of self-destruction. EMPTY THE EARTH!



Otázka toho, či poznávam, že poznávam, že som poznávajúci, alebo poznávam, že sa nepoznávam ako poznávajúci.

toto je vojna. ..


Žiadny anjel padlý na hlavu vybieham z ústavu menom mojej existencie žiadna omnipotencia priposraného boha v chode do stratena rozbíjam o holé múry svoje beznádeje až mi krv tuhne v žilách viac »



Veľa ich má príliš, ale nikto nemá dosť. Varg V.


Česká polícia odmietla Babišove slová o možnosti objednať si trestné stíhanie

19.01.2018 21:48

Česká polícia odmietla v piatok tvrdenia premiéra Andreja Babiša, ktoré zazneli v priebehu dňa na pôde Poslaneckej snemovne Parlamentu ČR.

maďarsko, protest, demonštrácia, 60.výročie protikomunistického povstania,

Pred parlamentom v Budapešti demonštrovali nespokojní študenti

19.01.2018 20:54

Organizátori, ako aj študenti viacerých budapeštianskych gymnázií sa predpoludním stretli na fóre, kde diskutovali o najvážnejších problémoch vzdelávania v krajine.

obraz, cervena noc, jiri naceradsky

Cenzúra v Piešťanoch. Primátor dal zvesiť obrazy slávneho maliara

19.01.2018 20:00

Mesto, ktoré sa pýši kúpeľnou tradíciou, otvorenosťou, pohostinnosťou a chce byť celosvetovo známe, má na krku škandál medzinárodných rozmerov.

Merkelová, Macron

Macron privíta vytvorenie vlády v Berlíne, s Merkelovou sú za inovovanie zmluvy

19.01.2018 19:50

SPD podľa Macrona prejavila veľké európske ambície.


„Chvála tomu, to činí tvrdým!“

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