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Towards a Healthier Folk-internet and mobile phones

The advancements in technologies in the recent decades have created a huge deterioration of the family life, home life, creative life, thought processes and the practical skills and ability of the higher races. This will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the genetics.

Computers and Mobile Phones have made people accept a lot less in real life. Real life has been stolen from them and the people retreat to a virtual world. Everything in real life is unobtainable as we are in complete subjugation to the Jew. This happening has coincided with a changeover of generations with one generation dying leaving an inferior generation behind. Many members of this generation passed on not liking much about those who succeeded them. For them that are left now today, people can be pacified through use of technology, mindlessly stimulated as we all get older and the genes die out. This is more inescapable in the urbanised areas. The question must be asked; what healthy families are there left?


Young men don’t need a woman anymore because they have porn, made by the Jew, to subdue them. Breeding is not an imperative. Women do not need men, they can work. They would not be interested in a masturbating porn addict anyway, and the alienation of the two sexes contribute to the joint alienation. This has become normalised as orgasms are free and pornography is one of the only things that the Jews will not charge you for.

With free money from the government and food available premade from shops the people do not even have to contribute to their own lifestyle. People can vegetate on the tit of society, obsolescent human beings, being dysgenically selected for in the Jewish cattle yard of the world.

It must be remembered that these conditions are unnatural, temporary and only last as long as the individual, as these activities certainly do not replenish the folk.

Wolgang Willrich - Familienbildnis

Things like crafts, making things at home, gardening, carpentry, essential skills like welding, knitting, and sowing, cooking and baking have been replaced by simple fixes on a computer or a phone, that waste time and stupefy the Nordic individual, and lead the community to a death it will not even realise.

In contrast, I spend only a few hours a week doing internet work, I work outdoors full time, and I run a small farm at home, and work on maintaining things and producing food. I enjoy rural skills and the agricultural sciences and it brings me joy.

Somehow the Nordic elite have to survive this. Intelligent couples have to get together. The internet and technological entertainment have got to be seen for what it is, a distraction, and a retreat from real life, as the Jew is allowed to dominate the environment that we live in. We need to spread the info, and live organically, and appreciate the real world, with its natural beauty and natural laws. We need to raise our strong families, and think about what matters most.

What matters most

– Aidhan



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..radšej zomrieť v tom triednom nerovnom boji divokom ako byť ekonomickým otrokom...

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