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shane abyssic hate interview in english


“The right-wing ideology has been greatly tainted by the Hollywood

film makers”


Country of origin: Australia
Style: NS black metal
Questions by: Emilio J. Moreno Atienza
Answers supplied by: Shane (the mastermind)

Heilsa. I would like to discuss the concept behind ABYSSIC HATE (“99’9% of humans should be terminated”) for a while. Why? If put simply, most humans on this Earth contribute to a downfall of our existence. As a person who wishes to spend an enjoyable and prosperous time on Earth, I would like to see 99% of mankind exterminated. If this was to happen, then life surrounded by the human races better specimen would be a great thing.

– I don’t think that’s a solution. In fact, I think that the big part of humans, thanx to a hard discipline they can to convert in a “true human”. you can to see the happened in Italy and Germany during 30’s… I agree totally its not a realistic solution. There is no way one can exterminate 99% of the earth because who is to decide who that elite 1% is? You are right that conversion is the most acceptable (and legal) was of solving a problem … but unfortunately there is a whole lot of ignorant shit out there who do not wish to hear anything but what their feeble brain tells them. Few people search for further knowledge in this day and age and prefer to expand their ignorance more than anything.

To consider NS movement deeply rooted in genocide, one must have to be a complete idiot. National-Socialism never proclaimed the reign of terror it’s ultimate aim… Do you think that views like “kill ‘em all” have been invented by “Hollywood nazis”?

– I think the right-wing ideology has been greatly tainted by the Hollywood film makers. It’s a common fact than the folk who lose the war, do not get to write history and the German WW2 soldiers have always been portrayed as evil maniacs with a lust for bloodshed. Further investigation shows that they were a very humanitarian movement who wanted nothing more than the average person wants today: ‘a pleasant society which is devoid of the elements which made their life miserable’. Sure there were some bloodthirsty Nazi soldiers – you will find the same in the American army and the Australian army and every army.

I agree with you that present human is a weak and cowardly creature. However; give us an explanation of why you think this way.

– There is a plethora of reasons why humans have become weaker and more unreliable. Christianity is one of the obvious creations that has bred many negative human traits and as it has become more acceptable in society, so have people become weaker without knowing the reason why. Drugs and shit like that have helped make a weaker person as well as such things like the media and various degenerate races. When it comes to discussing world problems and solutions, it is literally impossible to discuss and answer in 1 paragraph. One can only make assumptions based on the facts that they have.

You consider yourselves a part of National-Socialistic movement, while ABYSSIC HATE is a self-proclaimed NS band. Do you really stand for what you state, or do you take NS just as a certain opposition to society, in order to ‘part ways’ with it somehow?

– I would disagree in saying ABYSSIC HATE is a self-proclaimed N.S band cause labels are something I always try to avoid as they are nothing but a hindrance.

If I’m not mistaken, you’ve recorded 3 demos, 2 MCDs and 1 CD. All the demo works by ABYSSIC HATE have been published in a very limited way, why?

– The limited demo’s were never meant to be anything more than something for myself and some friends to hear, prior to recording the “official” release. Being a 1 man band, it is rather impossible to hear exactly how your art will sound until it is recorded, and so that was specifically the purpose of
those limited tapes, and they will not be re-released because all the music
eventually is re-released on an “official” product in a better form.

What’s your view on “United By Heathen Blood” split CD w/ DET HEDENSKE FOLK?

– Nothing much to say about it really. The CD seemed like a good idea as the
demo was still in high demand. Rather than release it by itself, it was a good idea to include a second great demo so that people got a little more music for their money, and it saved having 2 demo discs out on the market.

“Suicidal Emotions” was recorded a long time ago… however, published only last year??

– There has always been a delay in recording and release. There is a
tremendous burden during the recording process cause all is done by myself. Its extremely tiring and by the end of recording, the last thing you wish to do is listen to the stuff incessantly and go through the mixing and mastering process. After a break of some months, the enthusiasm is renewed and its not such a difficult task at all and it is completed with the same conviction it was recorded with.

Are you satisfied with No Colours Rec.?

– Yes – No Colours have been a great label to work with and have been able to do vinyl and a good job with the CD. They have no problem seeing things being released on other labels like shirts and cassettes and are 100% supportive. The only bad thing about No Colours is their distribution which is a little poor, but at the same time, they are an underground label and selling 10000 CD’s and seeing their product in every store is not a main concern. Everybody more or less knows where to find No Colours releases as they have been around for a long time now. No Colours releases generally miss out on the “convenient” sales as their products can be hard to find but it doesn’t worry me, or even the label so much.

I’ve heard you’ve composed greater part of the newest album…

– Again, yes! The whole album is written, composed and recorded by myself. To date, it has been the easiest (and quickest) way to work, which has really still been a slow process all in all. The next album will see a few session musicians included to ease the burden of recording. All the music again has been composed in a solo manner.

DTB label are rules for you now. Why?

– To cut a long story short, there were problems with DTB once again and we
will not let the label die at the hands of an oppressive worldwide government, just for releasing metal music. The label will continue again (and again and again if need be).

What’ll new DTB releases be?

– The upcoming releases for DTB will be Absurd “Facta Loquntuur” re-release
with 4 bonus tracks, and Night & the Fog 2 compilation. More are definitely in the works but these are the immediate 2 scheduled for release … (as soon as I find a place to relocate to).

I guess, you found ‘Matrix’ movie quite interesting, at least why else would you quote it at A.H. website…

– The film itself was very boring. Then suddenly a wonderful speech came out of the movie for several minutes, and then it went back to being a shit movie once again. Some lines were put up on the web site from that film simply for its artistic written value – certainly not as a tribute to the movie which as I mentioned, I found very dull and uninteresting for the most part.

It makes sense though, since we’re all living in delusive world, just like ‘Matrix’ heroes, and the only difference is that in our case it’s taken over by jews…

– I don’t want to say who is directly responsible for the downfall but I am hesitant to blame one particular breed and believe the problem would be wiped out upon their extinction. Your statement undoubtedly holds some truth to it … but its very, very hard to say to what extent without being involved in the decision making process ourself. We can only assume for the time being based upon the evidence we have. They certainly might be a nice place to start, but certainly they are not the place to finish.

Lastly; when are you going to put out a new album?

– The new album (entitled “Medication”) is due out in 2002 sometime
(hopefully) and should be released as a limited edition double CD, and then a single CD later on. This will be released on No Colours again.

ABYSSIC HATE contact –



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Danko, sns, andrej danko, koaličná kríza,

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