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Official manifest of Ondskapt

“When this child of death and perversion was founded, no specific genres were in mind, merely devilry was our polestate when producing the very first words and tunes. Since we sincerely don’t give a fuck about categorizing something based on our deepest beliefs, we should not spend too much time speaking about the fact that this music exists through The Evil One and NEVER vice-versa! Our goal is to let you, the listener, truly feel the atmosphere and mysterious meaning behind it all. There are certain points of view that we would like to share with you. Death is ever present, but it can only be sensed and appreciated to a certain degree by humans. Spirituality is gone, man has turned animal whilst we strive for the utter perversion of the creation, you must turn unhuman as well. It is very clear that man has let God down and the doomsday is near. Disorder is taking order and evil is turning fashion … keep in mind that those horrible pieces of shit claiming to be evil for their own sake only want to have fun. Spikes instead of weapons, symbols instead of action. Egoism is the only faith of our time. Egoism is simple self-preserving, natural order and must be destroyed! You should crush your limiting behavior! Consume your own excrements. Deny your FLESH! Self-torture is the true blessing of Satan. Destroy that inside you, which is of God’s will. These are words; how much greater is not the truth behind it all? Remember this … for death is always with you. The meaning behind divine evil is not to exterminate unjust oppressors but to agonize the innocent and weak. A servant of the lord is not a failed Christian, nor an unaware nihilist bathing in sin. To worship him is to obey a holy will, immortal in its very fundaments. Ondskapt make no compromise when it comes to religiousness. Our music is completely dependant on the beliefs of the band. The music and lyrics exist solely through our faith and NEVER vice versa! None of our ‘sentences’ are ‘cool’-sounding, made up, pseudo- demonolatric nonsense but merely based on our own insights and experiences. Speaking on behalf of the rest of the band, I state the fact that we don’t give a fuck about other bands dealing with some own, anti-religious direction of black metal else than that we hope they suffer severely before they die! Listen to our music and find inspiration; after all, that’s the whole point behind it. We believe in the innumerable figures of evil in the world, manifested in countless ways. The Devil’s mysteries are too many to fully mention, for they are not for us to find out. Christ came to this world as a manifestation of God, to bring light upon righteousness. His offspring was of Satan, disguised as the church, the inquisition and ludicrous witch-trials of the Middle Ages. But there’s more! He did not disappear during the 1800s. In fact, he is more present than ever. If you laugh at the Devil, he has already deceived you. The question is, on what level would you prefer to do his works? There are three ways of life, to serve the Devil, not knowing it to serve the Devil as an aware notary, and finally, to fully serve God. The latter opportunity is by all chances already an impossibility for you. Let’s face it, you don’t even feel tempted. That is because our lord is the tempter; it is always easier to walk the ways of perdition, but why be a blind fool merely doing what billions have done and are still doing? Finally, when and if you have found your meaning in life, what would be your goals, and how much will you live up to them? If the Devil gave you eyes to see the light, gave you the key to the gate, how high would you value your choices? If you were among the sheep, how accordingly would you act to his will? I can only show you the path the rest is up to you.”

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lost. .. .


One of the implications inhering in the title of this album is that by squarely facing these existential dilemmas, many of them unique to the aberrant context of civilized society, we rescue a certain viac »



Emoce jsou dobrý navigátor, ale mizerný pilot, rozum přesně naopak. Obě složky se navzájem potřebují.

John McCain

Senát USA nezrušil Obamacare ani na druhýkrát, republikáni si polepšili

27.07.2017 08:00

Americký Senát odmietol republikánsky návrh zákona, ktorý by zrušil zdravotníckou reformu bývalého prezidenta Baracka Obamu.

nehoda, vrak, havária

Prázdniny na cestách: každý deň jedna obeť

27.07.2017 08:00

Prvé tri týždne letných prázdnin boli na cestách tragické. Polícia eviduje 21 obetí. Toto leto polícia zaznamenala 943 nehôd, čo je o 65 viac ako minulý rok.

Apple, iPad Air, Tim Cook,

Trump: Šéf Apple mi sľúbil tri naozaj veľké továrne

27.07.2017 07:27

Šéfľ spoločnosti Apple Tim Cook sľúbil postaviť v USA tri veľké továrne, uviedol Donald Trump. Ohlásil tiež obriu investíciu spoločnosti Foxconn.

08-bike graf 4x

Opití cyklisti zavinili viac nehôd

27.07.2017 07:00

Počas prvých šesť mesiacov spôsobili opití cyklisti 39 nehôd, vlani za rovnaké obdobie ich bolo o desať menej. Vyberá si povolený alkohol pre cyklistov svoju daň?


„Chvála tomu, to činí tvrdým!“

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